Priceless Horsemanship is a family business that helps get horses of all breeds and disciplines to their full potential.  Let us create an amazing foundation and you take them to the show ring!

About Us:

Our passion is training horses to their full potentials. We sell a variety of horses with different disciplines and traits. Each horse is healthy, sound, and has a strong training foundation. Our horses are fearless and confident, due to the amount of exposure our training puts them through.  Something special is created when two different species can completely understand one another and we work hard to make that evident in each horse.  Some of the disciplines that you will see come from us are...dressage, eventing, hunters, western dressage, reigning, endurance, trail riding, and much more!  Check out our 'FOR SALE' page regularly and follow our Facebook Page to see any of our horses that are listed for sale.

We take in/purchase all types of horses!  If you are interested in finding your horse a new home...please contact us and tell us more about your horse!