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We operate on a first come first serve basis to appropriate, qualified homes. We do our absolute best not to pick favorites and honor the first come, first serve policy. We do not hold horses. Horses are available until they are paid for.   IF a vetting is confirmed and scheduled within 3 days of seeing the horse, we will hold them but will continue to show the horse until the vetting is complete and payment is made. 


There are many reasons that people may pass on a horse during a vetting and another customer may be perfectly happy with the results of the said vetting. It is also common that people back out of vettings or simply change their mind before a vetting. 


Until payment is received, the horse is available to be sold. Sometimes this does mean a horse may be sold to someone who buys the horse sight unseen before your appointment to come and see it. We will always let you know before you make a drive or flight out to the equestrian center if a horse is sold. We do our best to notify everyone right away that a horse is sold. We realize it can be frustrating to have a horse sold that you wanted to come and see but we do have clients who are comfortable with the buying sight unseen process. 



We take cashiers check and wire transfer.  Payment must go through before the horse leaves the property and to be officially SOLD. 



We do ship if needed.  We will ship for free within a 3 hour radius. Anymore than that and we can give a price quote.  We will hold the horses for a week at no cost while shipping is arranged but after that it is $25 a day for board until horse is picked up. 


We have a 7 day pick up policy after your payment has been made. We have a very busy barn with limited space and are unable to hold horses past seven days.


Please let me know if you have any additional questions or want to set up a time to see one of our horses! Katie-(609) 828-5488



Quick Facts:

  • 15hh

  • 11 years old (JAN 2010)

  • Mare

  • Double Registered Paint/Pinto

Disciplines & experience:

  • Western disciplines (western dressage, western pleasure, etc.)

  • Dressage (English)

  • Trail

  • Hunters (in-training)

  • Broodmare prospect



CNP Heavenly Scotch "Ricky" is a double registered (Paint & Pinto), 15hh, mare, chestnut overo, 10 years old. 


-Trained in western dressage, dressage, western pleasure (show) 

-Blue ribbon winner in Western Dressage

-Dressage show experience

-Great on Trails

-Lots of liberty work

-Started training in hunters


Ricky is a do all horse!  She can switch seamlessly between disciplines. You will never be bored with the amount of knowledge she has acquired through years of training and exposure to so many different situations! If she doesn't know it...she will learn it easily.  Very intelligent.  No spook. She is very sturdy and muscular so don't let her size fool you!  She would be perfect for a rider of any size. Forward but very controllable which allows you to stay in the tempo you ask. Soft hands and light legs are all you need. No spurs or constant leg needed! Athletic, fearless, and tries hard to please her rider.   Come see her and let her impress you with her responsiveness and different gaits! 


AMAZING BLOODLINE!  Pedigree has years and years of the high point winners in many disciplines.  She has the perfect confirmation for the paint breed.  Best of all she is healthy and sound with absolutely no history of lameness or health issues. 

We usually sell horses within one year of training them...but with Ricky we have kept her for almost 6 years.  We have enjoyed her tremendously while she was used in our lesson program. A favorite of our students! Our lesson program has ended and we now feel like she is ready for her forever family.  While she can be great for all levels of riders, we would like her to go to a home with a confident, novice rider who can use her to her full potential and be able to keep her behavior in check!

Ricky loves her people and will prove that to you time and time again!

 Watch the video to see beautiful footage and schedule a time to see this talented mare!

Call or text Katie Price (609) 828-5488.




Quick Facts:

  • 14hh

  • 8 years old (2011)

  • Mare

  • Hybrid/Registered American Blazer Horse

Disciplines & experience:

  • Eventing (cross-country/dressage/show jumping)

  • Hunters

  • Endurance/trail

  • Western disciplines (western dressage, reining, cow work, etc.)


Moxie is bred, owned, and trained by Lorin Price of Priceless Horsemanship.  Lorin specializes in training experienced and trust-worthy horses that can get you far in the show ring with their athleticism but can be a great and fun companion as well.  Moxie is a hybrid of different breeds which compiles into the breed standards for the American Blazer Horse.  The standards call for a horse under 15 hands, capable of carrying a full grown man with ease, quiet, athletic, personable, can excel at any discipline, extremely healthy and sturdy, and has a long life span (into late 30s). Moxie has never needed shoes, has gone lame, or has had any medical issues.  She is perfect for a child wanting to compete but also have a horse into their adult years.  She bonds quickly with her riders and loves dogs.  Excellent ground manners! Has a lot of experience with scary obstacle courses/situations with no problems!  She has been there and done that!  She has been on endurance trials through rocky terrain in the mountains of Idaho without breaking a sweat!  Shown/showing in multiple disciplines and levels.  She really excels and enjoys eventing and has proven that with her blue ribbons!  She has been used as a lesson horse in the past with children and adults of all ages and levels.  If you are looking for a horse that is easy to keep, flashy, won’t hurt you in vet bills, will win at the shows, and  you or your child can spend 30 years with...she is the right horse for you!  Come out and see her for yourself....Call or text Katie Price (609) 828-5488.


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